We are completely passionate about Art Deco design here at Deco Noir. We believe it is the most exciting, glamorous and visually beautiful era, focussed around pleasure and opulence. The cocktail was invented, the French were extra chic and the parties were legendary- what’s not to love? The elegance and personality that this genre exudes is the perfect formula for an amazing atmosphere and it’s what we intend to recreate for you and your guests.



Deco Noir (Art Deco meets Film Noir) was the creation of our MD, Samantha. She started out as a classical singer but Jazz soon stole her heart and with that she fell in love with all things vintage. After a stint as an interior designer, Samantha opened her first business – a mobile crepe bar, back in 2006, which she single-handedly created, armed with nothing but a dream, female intuition and a screwdriver! It soon grew so fast that she was running to keep up with it and permanent premises were obtained in the old William Morris printing warehouse site in South West London, on the River Wandle. In the following 7 years, valuable skills and experience were gained running the restaurant and hosting weddings, parties and live jazz nights. So opening an events company – centered on a fabulous 1920s bar – was a natural, exciting and confident progression… only this time, she owned an electric drill!



The idea of a mobile Art Deco cocktail bar came on a Saturday morning after a particularly brilliant birthday bash at the restaurant the night before. The events side of the business had always been Samantha’s favourite and she found she had a flair for working behind the bar. Full of enthusiasm, she started looking for the right trailer that very day. It had to be an Airstream- she had been swooning over them for years! It was a mere 24 hours later, when she was driving to Cheltenham to get some advice from a restorer, that she saw Lola – a rather rare 22ft 1958 low riding Whale-Tail beauty, in the corner of a barn. A shell, Lola was surrounded by fancy-pants Airstreams used by the likes of Bono, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. It was love at first site! Lola was not strictly for sale as a shell, but with a smile, the owner relented. And so it began…



workingShameless lovers of all things vintage – we have a strong background in design – which is reflected in everything that we do. We understand that it’s the attention to little details that makes a big difference and Lola was designed with versatility in mind. Every cabinet, floor, ceiling, and wall has been lovingly created by hand. Samantha had had the experience of building the mobile bar and kitchen units for her restaurant in London and was able to bounce off two talented young designers, Kimberley (pictured left) at www.cargocollective.com/kwestwooddesigns and Stacey.

“Lola doesn’t have a straight line in her – so that was a massive challenge,” explains Samantha. “And the professional guys at www.anewfoundfreedom.com in Lewes, looked after the hatch, plumbing and electrics and were always on call to answer any of my queries. My partner also played a massive role by supplying me with tea, in my favourite china cups, at all hours of the day and night (bless him)- to help me to keep going when the nights drew in! It was a true labour of love and I am thrilled with the result! Someone wise once said, if you can make the things that you are passionate about your job, then that’s a happy life – I have to say, I totally agree.”

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